MSc Students


Autumn Collins

Autumn Collins was born in Maidstone, Ontario just outside of Windsor, Ontario. She completed her BSc in Forensic Science at Ontario Tech U in 2018 and is now enrolled in her Masters of Applied Bioscience at Ontario Tech U. Autumn is currently involved in a joint industrial project with Zoetis Inc. and the labs of Dr. Desaulniers and Dr. Forrester. Throughout this project, she is excited to broaden her knowledge of both Biology and Bio-Organic Chemistry. When Autumn isn’t in the lab she is usually with friends, going for walks or volunteering in the community.


Charlene Fernandez

Charlene Fernandez was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She is currently in the MSc program at OntarioTech University. Charlene recently went on a research student exchange to Nanjing University in China, where she gained research and laboratory experience. She’s always motivated to learn Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. When she isn’t busy, Charlene likes to cook, spend time with family and friends, and watch basketball games.


Ifrodet Giorgees

Ifrodet Giorgees was born in Baghdad Iraq, and moved to live in Damascus, Syria for 10 years. Later, she moved with her family to Hamilton, Ontario in 2011 where she finished her final years of high school. She recently went on a summer research exchange to Nanjing University in China and now she is working on a collaborative project between Nanjing University in China (Prof. Zhen Shen) and the Desaulniers’ Lab at Ontario Tech University. Ifrodet loves art, gardening, heights, cliff jumping, sewing, cooking and educating children. She speaks Assyrian, Arabic, English and she is working on learning French.