Visiting Students


Kota Tsubaki

Kota was born in Kagoshima prefecture, and raised in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. After he graduated high school, he moved to Kitakyushu city and entered as a student at Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2012. Now, he is a PhD student at KIT. His field of expertise is organic synthetic chemistry. Particularly, he synthesized several organophosphates such as phospholipids, dinucleotides and their derivatives. From May 10 to August 9, 2019, he is studying chemical biology in the Desaulniers lab. He likes listening to Japanese rock music (J-Rock). During the weekends, he enjoys spending time going to music concerts and music festivals in Japan. Also, he likes playing and watching basketball.


Rui Huang

Rui was born and grew up in Guizhou Province, China. Now, she is a junior undergraduate at Nanjing University in Jiangsu province, which is far from her hometown. Her major is Chemistry. Prior to coming to Ontario Tech University, she had a short lab experience, in which learned about about the use of nanomaterials for drug delivery. From August 2 to August 31, 2019, she is studying chemical biology in the Desaulniers’ Lab at Ontario Tech University. During her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading, riding on a bicycle, travelling and spending time with her family and friends. She hopes to experience various kinds of interesting things in the future.


Yang Yang

Yang was born in Sichuan, China, the home of the Panda Bear. After graduating from high school, she went to Nanjing University in 2016, where she is majoring in Chemistry. As a sophomore at NJU, she joined in a lab specializing in using Atomic Force Microscope to study protein structure. From August 6 to September 6, 2019, I'm studying chemical biology in the Desaulniers lab. In her spare time, she likes watching animation and movies, and is a fan of Harry Potter through and through. At weekends, she enjoys playing volleyball with friends.